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The Cross Lab is hiring!

Positions are open -- join our nascent lab and be a part of this exciting time of growth! Dr. Cross is funded by multiple early career grants to study circuit mechanisms of movement control and gait, and in particular, how these circuits are disrupted in patients with movement disorders (see Research page for current projects). We integrate rich multimodal data including electrophysiology (EEG and intracranial recordings during awake deep brain stimulation surgery), functional neuroimaging and kinematic recordings to understand disease heterogeneity and identify biomarkers for neuromodulation treatments.


Post-doctoral Fellow - APPLY NOW!

Seeking a highly motivated candidate for postdoctoral position in systems neuroscience and human neurophysiology applied to Movement Disorders. Combine detailed behavioral, physiologic and kinematic characterization with electrophysiological recordings (EEG, LFP, ECoG), neuroimaging and neuromodulation (DBS, TMS) techniques to study circuit mechanisms of abnormal movement, gait and cognition in patients with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. In addition to supporting ongoing projects (see Research page), the fellow will have the opportunity to develop a subproject that promotes the core mission of the lab - understanding neural mechanisms of disease heterogeneity and individual differences in movement disorders symptoms and their response to treatment.

The position is fully funded for two years, and may be extended depending on satisfactory progress and the availability of funding.

Duties & Tasks:

  • Independently perform experiments of human movement and gait using EEG, intraoperative ECoG/LFP, chronic DBS sensing devices, MRI and related techniques with rigor and meticulous documentation
  • Solve scientific/technical problems encountered during research
  • Mentor students and technical staff and collaborate with other scientists to design, implement and analyze experiments.
  • Prepare manuscripts for submission to scientific journals and present at scientific meetings
  • Prepare grant applications, including career development awards

Required Qualifications:

  • PhD and/or MD with concentration in neuroscience, psychology, biomedical engineering or related field
  • Experience in electrophysiology, neuroimaging and/or neuromodulation in humans
  • Signal processing and MATLAB proficiency
  • Strong record of productivity and communication through publications and scientific meetings
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and ability to work professionally and compassionately with patients
  • Preferred: Additional expertise in human behavior, biomechanics, computational modeling or other complementary area

To apply, email your CV, Statement of Research and contact information for 2-3 references to:  kcross at mednet dot ucla dot edu